Licence Cost

You may have noticed that some fares have increased recently – we apologise for this but unfortunately there is a reason.

The Public Carriage Office which is part of Transport for London has increased the licencing costs dramatically for Private Hire Companies throughout London.

The cost of our Private Hire Operators Licence was £2,826 for 5-years – however, this has now changed to £19,000 for 5-years.

That’s an increase of £16,174 over the 5-year licence period or a £3,234 extra cost to find every year!

Many companies have either ceased to renew their licence or simply gone out of business due to this amazing increase in operating licence cost.

Here is an article from ‘The Standard’ – click here.

So with regret, some fares have been increased in order for us to be sustainable as a company with these increased costs.

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