IMAX Showcase Cinemas

There isn’t one thing that makes IMAX the most immersive movie experience in the world; it’s a combination of many proprietary technologies and architecture – almost all of them inventions that are unique to IMAX. This is called the IMAX Experience® and is the culmination of the following elements:

• IMAX manufactures the highest resolution cameras in the world and provides them to the most ambitious and accomplished filmmakers
• IMAX’s Digital Re-Mastering process, which enhances the image and sound of the movie
• IMAX’s revolutionary projection system, which delivers lifelike, crystal-clear images
• IMAX’s powerful sound system, which delivers laser-aligned sound you can feel
• IMAX’s customised theatre design, which puts moviegoers in the action

When integrated together, the result delivers an experience so real you’ll forget you’re in a cinema.

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Showcase Cinemas Bluewater, Water Circus, Bluewater, Greenhithe. DA9 9SG
 Call 0871 220 1000

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