How To

How to book a MiniCab :

I know this seems like it would be obvious – however for some people booking a minicab can be quite tough, so in order to explain the process please review the following guidelines.

By law we have to ask you for your name, your collection address and your destination for every journey.

When booking please be careful with the times and dates you provide to us – we will supply the vehicle on the day and time you tell us so it’s important that this is correct, so 12 o’clock could be either mid-day or midnight – be specific.

So when you call us be ready to tell us :

What date and time you would like to travel
Your name
Where we can collect you
Where you would like to go
Any special requirements*

*Special requirements – we need to know if there is anything important about your vehicle request – perhaps you need a low car for ease of access – perhaps you have 5, 6 or 7 persons travelling therefore need a larger vehicle.

We have a range of vehicles to suit most requirements :

Saloon cars, up to 4 passengers with 2 std large suitcases + 2 small
Estate cars, up to 4 passengers with 3 std large cases + 2 small
5 Seaters, up to 5 passengers with 5 std large cases + 4 small
6 Seaters, up to 6 passengers – very limited luggage space

Airports – if booking an airport we do need some additional information – for outbound journeys the above is sufficient but pay attention to the amount of luggage you have so that the correct vehicle can be sent.

For airport returns we will need the arrival date and time of your flight, your flight number, the airport from which you are travelling to the UK from. Be careful with your flight time as sometimes you will arrive in the UK the day after your departure.

Remember that our offices can quote you a rate for any journey, if you provide us with a mobile number our despatch system will text you the price to be paid also.

By providing us with a mobile number our despatch system will text you details of the driver & vehicle collecting you, along with the rate for the journey – if you have a smart phone you will also have a link to enable you to track the vehicle live via satellite.

Finally we will read the booking back to you either as we enter it into the despatch system or as a final review before finishing the call with you – listen to ensure that we have booked your requirements exactly as you would like them.

Thank you for using Hornchurch MiniCabs – we truly value your custom.


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Remember ‘For your own safety, please book your car with the booking office & NOT the driver’