App Guide

We have an App available for Apple and Android devices.

You can download and use this free of charge from the Appstore or GooglePlay – just search either for ‘Hornchurch MiniCabs’.

Using the App you can very quickly price a journey then book – you can manage your bookings – create a return journey – track your vehicle – pay by credit/debit card and much more – read on for our App guide.

Our App’s are integrated into our despatch system so your booking/s are ‘live‘ the second you confirm them – this is not a form/email – you control your booking.

T&C’s click here.

App Guide

When you open the App you will see the start screen, from here you can easily :
Start a new booking
Manage your bookings
View your favourite addresses
Manage your settings

The bars in the top left give you access to the menu

By tapping ‘search for a pick up’ you can use favourites – these are favourite stored addresses – from here you can also add more favourite addresses or by pressing manage you can re-order them or even delete them.

By storing favourite addresses you can speed up making a booking to literally a few screen taps.

By tapping bookings you can see your active or historical bookings by tapping any booking you can :

View booking
Book the trip again
Book a return trip
Add the address to favourites

Tap settings to update your details – add your name – set your preferred vehicle type – indicate if you wish to receive a text when your vehicle arrives – preferred payment type.

From payment type you can set-up a credit or debit card to allow you to charge journeys to your card – this allows you to use our services from areas where pre-payment may be required.

If you tap search for pickup you will be able to get a quote and/or make a booking – from this screen you can select your required collection time – the default is ASAP which will send a car straight away.

If the request is not for right away tap the clock symbol or where the screen says ASAP.

By tapping the clock symbol or ASAP you will see the time and date screen – from here you can select the required time and date for your collection by rolling the tumblers.

You can reset the time if you make a mistake by tapping ASAP – or when complete tap done – this will return you to the booking screen.

On the vehicle tab you will see any vehicle – this will send any available vehicle on your booking – however if you have specific requirements you can change this to :

Saloon, Estate, 5 or 6 Seater
Also meet & greet airport options

Buddy – for your safety we can automatically notify a friend when you travel – you can select the details here – then choose what we tell them i.e. when the vehicle arrives and/or when the journey completes

Vouchers –  we issue vouchers and these can be found here – if we issue a code simply type it in here and press the plus key and if available it will be downloaded to your APP – credits will also be found here for your use.

The booking details tab shows the payment method you with to use – this can be either cash or credit/debit card. Tap this to change between the 2 options.

The card tab allows you to enter your card details securely – this will then give you 2 methods of payment – cash or card.

This will also allow you to order vehicles out of area and therefore pay by card.

Should you have any questions please contact us – we hope you enjoy using the App’s. Please take note that at very busy times we may suspend the APP’s in order to provide you with the best possible service – if this happens just call +44(0)1708 700000 – the APP’s will reactivate themselves.

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Remember ‘For your own safety, please book your car with the booking office & NOT the driver’